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8–10 April 2017, Guangzhou

Welcome to Guangzhou International Toy & Hobby Fair


China is the world’s biggest toy manufacturer and exporter, and Guangdong province acts as the driving vehicle for the industry. Benefited from the industrial congenital advantages, the Guangzhou International Toy and Hobby Fair has been attracting many local and multinational corporations’ attentions since 1989. The scale of the fair has expanded rapidly, especially after the concurrent fair, the Guangzhou International Stroller and Baby Product Fair, came out of the pipeline in 2010. Here, you can source a complete range of products and meet your business partners.

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Comments from visitors

"“I think this is a very interesting fair and the China market is huge. I am surprised because there are products well designed, very good quality, and very interesting things maybe we can sell in Europe. I think in the future it will be a good choice to come here to visit and to expose. China is very big market and we have to be here if we want to continue exporting. China is our target."

Mr. Oliver Giner, Technical Department and Exterior Promotion, Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers, Spain

"I think this fair has a better representation of the Chinese manufactures, and I have been to the Canton show for 10 years, and I must say this is a better quality show. I think a lot of international people should actually come because I think it’s actually a very good show and you got to see a bigger variety than the Canton show. "

Mr Pete Cummings, Brand Manager, Zing, Hong Kong

"There are a lot of new factories and new designs I haven’t seen before so this is a good fair to find innovative products."

Mr Kishore M Harjani, Opulence Trading Company, Hong Kong

"I notice the set up of International zone, which is a good idea to attract both overseas exhibitors and buyers at the same time. I am also optimistic about the China market, that’s why I come here looking for business opportunities.”

Mr Abhishek Kamalia, Eadway Inc., India